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Luminary sales starting soon.....



 This Saturday, 12/06 we  will meet in the band room at 9am where students will change into uniforms (all uniform rules apply, light shorts, white Tee, etc).  Please remember to bring/wear your Dinkles as well.  As soon as your group has changed into their uniform we will gather together for a brief procedural meeting.   We will then have roll call for the groups, and each student will grab a shopping bag from the Guard room and load up into their group's car. We are selling from 9am to 4pm. We are not anticipating it lasting that long, but that is the time limit given.

Each driver can decide when they would like to take bathroom and lunch breaks. Keep in mind if you finish selling your share of luminaries, you are free to go back to school, change out of uniform and go home, so breaks may not be needed.  Students please bring at least drinks with you as the uniforms can get warm (again uniform rules apply, no colored drinks).


  This year's officers and anyone wanting to apply to be an officer next year are required to participate. 


Luminaries are sold in packages of 10 for $6.


Special THANKS to our generous sponsors!
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