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 Don't forget your Butter Braid money is due on Friday 10/10.

Christmas Trees, Poinsettias and Wreaths Sale

Directions for students and Families

The University High School Titan Regiment Band Booster Association is selling Christmas Trees, Wreaths, and Poinsettias as a fundraiser this year.  These items are being PRE SOLD ONLY and will be delivered to the University High School parking lot by the auditorium for pick up on Tuesday, November 25th between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Help make this fundraiser a success!!


The trees and wreaths are PREMIUM FRASER FIR from North Carolina, selected especially for our Band Boosters’ sale. The price is about 15% less than what you would pay on retail Christmas tree lots.  We will be sure the customer finds a tree that they like!!


Talk to your friends and neighbors!  Tell them you are raising funds for the University High School Band. Tell them about your dues, instrument fees, and competitions!! Many people purchase a Christmas tree or wreath for their home every year and this way they can help the band at the same time! If they are not interested in a tree, try to sell a wreath. Handmade from Fraser Fir, the wreaths are inexpensive, fresh, and have a wonderful scent!! We are also offering beautiful poinsettias in 8 ½” or 6 ½” pots, wrapped in foil, loaded with blooms!


  1. Ask the customer to fill out the order form on the FLYER in your packet and detach.  Be certain to include the seller’s name to receive credit for the sale.  Make sure the buyer is aware of the pick-up date and time.
  2. Collect ONLY the deposit: $15.00 for a tree, $5.00 for a wreath, $5.00 for a large poinsettia, $2.50 for a small poinsettia (check or money order made payable to UHSTRBBA) and attach (paperclip or staple) to the order form.
  3. Give the customer the top half of the form with the pick-up date and information.
  4. Put all your sales in the collection envelope, list all sales on the front and turn in to the BAND ROOM by November 15th.
  5. Call or email all your customers the week of the sale to remind them of the pick-up date and time. IMPORTANT!



Q: How do I know I will like the tree?

 A.  Satisfaction is guaranteed. Some extra trees are included in the shipment in case a tree is damaged.  The customer will be able to pick out their tree and be totally satisfied. Should there be a problem, the customer will receive a total refund, including deposit.

Q. What if I am out of town or an emergency arises on the day of pick-up?

 A. Please make arrangements with another family to pick up your items. Please notify the chairperson.

Q.  I need a larger than 8 foot tree for my home or business!!

 A.  Fill out the space on the form that indicates a larger tree is needed.  You will receive a call from the project chairperson, confirming your order and the price.  The tree can be picked up at the sale or special arrangements for delivery are available for the larger trees.


Please contact all your friends, neighbors, relatives and business associates to help make this project a success.  Remember, they are getting a higher quality Christmas tree at less cost than they would normally pay AND HELPING OUR BAND. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



Barbara Chapman



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